Top 10 Hospitals In The UK

When patients need to go to hospital, they want to be certain that they are going to be well cared for and looked after during their illness. The UK has some of the best facilities and most highly qualified doctors in the world, however some have really come out on top. Some of the best performing hospitals in the country are also among the oldest, and many specialise in particular disciplines that make them really stand out from the crowd.

The hospitals which have found their way onto this top ten list have all been ranked by a number of different categories and have taken into account all of the different elements involved in rating a hospital. These elements include the efficiency of the nurses, doctors and other healthcare staff, the safety aspects, the food options, the quality control, patient care and mortality rate, it is possible to work out which are the best performing hospitals in the UK ranked from 10 to 1.

Cambridge University Hospital, NHS Foundation Trust Cambridge

At number 10 on the list is the Cambridge University Hospital. Once known as Addenbrooke’s NGS, this professionally managed hospital believes firmly in transparency and offers outstanding care to patients across all departments. One of the top aspects of this hospital’s performance has to be the short waiting times that patients experience, as the patients here have some of the lowest countrywide.

Institute of Cancer Research Royal Hospital London

Cancer is still a frightening disease, but at the Institute of Cancer Research Royal Hospital, London, the staff are working hard to find new and innovative treatments for all kinds of cancers and tumours. One of the top specialists in cancer treatment in the UK, this facility offers outstanding care.

Freeman Hospital, Newcastle

Famous for its high quality joint and hip replacement operations, this hospital in the North East of England specialises in the fitting of hearing aids and in providing the highest level of treatment for heart disease, kidney problems and pancreatic issues. This hospital also has an excellent oncology department. The Freeman hospital is also one of the UK’s most famous transplant institutes with an excellent reputation for having the smallest number of organ rejections nationwide.

Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Having a sick child is always a worrying time, but parents can trust in the level of care provided for their youngsters at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital. With some of the country’s top paediatric doctors on staff, this hospital is solely for children and all of the food is ideally suited to the patient’s need.

Royal Berkshire NHS

The Royal Berkshire has the accolade of being among the cleanest UK hospitals, and scores higher than the country’s national averages in all parameters. Placing emphasis on offering their patients’ the best facilities, this hospital takes especial pride in their care of dementia patients and with over 800 beds. This is also one of the biggest UK hospitals as well as one of the oldest having been operational since the 1830s.

Bedford Trust Hospital

Located in Bedford, this hospital has been around since the 1890s and has 400 beds. This hospital prides itself in offering the region’s best A&E care and also in offering top quality psychiatric treatment.

BMI Healthcare Institute

This independent healthcare provider has around 60 hospitals nationwide, all of which boast high standards. The group was established in 1970 and scores highly on patient care as well as on their low patient mortality rates.

Nuffield Health

One of the UK’s largest charitable hospitals, Nuffield Health finds a high-ranking place in all categories from food quality and mortality to patient care and cleanliness. Operating 31 private hospitals across Wales, Scotland and England, this organisation also has wellbeing gyms and fitness facilities nationwide.

Royal Marsden Hospital

Offering some of the highest quality cancer care in the country, the Royal Marsden is a specialist oncology hospital located in London. As the world’s first hospital dedicated to the treatment of study of the disease, the Royal Marsden was established in the 1850s and is one of the country’s oldest.

St Thomas Hospital

Another London hospital, St Thomas Hospital is the number one hospital in the UK. As part of the Guy’s and St Thomas NHS Foundation, this hospital also hosts the King’s College London School of Medicine and has been established since the 1870s.

All of these hospitals have very high ratings among patients, and they are a shining example of the UK’s excellent healthcare facilities. With the impressive level of care that they offer and the high level of specialism in several disciplines, it is easy to see how the UK’s healthcare system is ranked as one of the best in the entire world.